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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A List of the Recently Learned

1.) While driving during a dark and stormy night, turning up Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries is pretty much the only way to go from here on out.

2.) Filing taxes feels amazing! No longer needing to worry about filing taxes feels even better. Waiting for a sizable refund feels pretty great, too.

3.) My new nickname is "Angle Eyes." Thank you, plasma donor.

4.) Dreaming about oversleeping, while horrible, is a lot better than actually oversleeping.

5.) Homemade french pizza is way better than frozen french pizza. Plus, it makes coworkers jealous. Mmmmm.

6.) Always initial and date food stuffs put into the work refrigerate. If you don't, it will be thrown out.

7.) Murphy was right.

8.) Sometimes having a great day is all about deciding to having a great day.

9.) Happiness is unexpected good news.

10.) Mindfully doing things to make you happy can actually make you happy.

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