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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot and Twenty-two

My job often gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the United States. In June I had the pleasure of meeting an entertaining group of cops from the South.

They took up bets guessing my age and pestered me to tell how old I am until I gave in. Upon discovering the truth they confessed that they thought I was anywhere from 19 to 24.

Not bad.

One gentleman exclaimed, "Oooh-whee! You're hot and twenty-two, mmmmm-hmmmm!"

It was then insisted upon that I take photos with the group so they could remember the fun we had.

Made my day when it happened and makes me smile to think of it.

Twenty Two
January 20, 2009

I am twenty two and so solitarily single it is a shame
This is the year for self renovation, to tear down the old in favor of the new
And really reach the sleeping potential I have always carried inside
This is the year to finally experience what it is to be alive
To live in the moment, to choose kindness in favor of being brash
To partake, but not to excess, to look but not to stare
Or, perhaps I will stare and invite a stare in return

I am twenty two and terrifyingly tempting
To the point that all young men cover their slavering tongues
And run for shame of their own naked desires
Or so I must conclude, for there are none beside me
Perhaps it is not my beauty that frightens them away
But my boldness, gentleness, tactlessness, wit and humility
My endless talents and talentless ends

I am twenty two and quite at odds with the world
Help the children, save the earth, limit preservatives
Stay up late and paint the moon a million shades
Brighter than its own natural, illuminatory pale
And never regret a moment of happiness
A moment of sadness, ecstasy, or despair
Because I am twenty two and I know myself.

Friday, July 3, 2009

25 Things About Yours Truely

This is something I put together some time ago in response to a Facebook craze. I generally abstain from Facebook crazes (I started Facebooking back when only college students could get accounts and it was just a networking site for sharing photos and sending quick messages; before superpoke, before advertisements, and way before the crazy applications). This one, however, reached out to me after I partook in the fruits of my friends's labor and lives and loves. So, here it is: 25 things about me taken directly from my Facebook notes.

1. Nearly none of my socks are just “white.” I have socks for nearly every holiday as well as just some plain old randomly decorated socks. My least favorite are the kissing snowmen socks – I think I got rid of them. My favorite are the fall leaves socks.
2. My favorite season is autumn.
3. I love the smell and sound of crunchy leaves.
4. I love the way the wind feels.
5. Halloween is my favorite because it’s the one night of the year when pumpkins rule and you can dress up as anything you have ever wanted to be. Plus, free candy from strangers – how cool is that?!
6. I write poems when sad or angry or in a goofy mood so all of my poetry is kind of weird.
7. I have wanted to be a doctor ever since I can remember – literally. I can remember being three and asking my mom where food goes once it’s swallowed and being completely fascinated by her explanation.
8. I stopped smiling when I was ten and had to learn how again when I was 16.
9. I was so painfully shy through high school that I was always surprised when anyone spoke to me because I thought that I had actually achieved invisibility. I’m still caught off guard a lot of times when people remember me and talk to me.
10. Scary movies really freak me out and I refuse to watch them because I know that I will scream or freak out in the middle.
11. I talk during movies. And TV shows.
12. I love music, nothing can move me quite as much as a rock song with a really good strings sequence.
13. Cooking for an audience is one of my very most favorite things to do. I own three aprons.
14. I have never “dated” anyone and at 22 I am VL. It’s my assumption that the first guy I allow to get that close will be the one I hold onto forever, but maybe that’s just the romantic in me talking gibberish.
15. I drive a 15 passenger van everywhere.
16. It is my dream to one day ride a giant Galapagos tortoise in the Galapagos.
17. My eyes change color when I’m angry, sad, or wear green.
18. I am an undeniable romantic in every way. It’s almost debilitating. I cry in movies when something sweet is said or done and I cry when I hear how someone proposed and I cry when I see wedding photos – it’s all so beautiful and happy.
19. My favorite color and food changes almost daily but my favorite gum has been Orbit’s Sweet Mint for a very long time now.
20. I am allergic to scents. I have to put perfume in my hair or on my clothes instead of on my skin because it makes me break into rash immediately that itches and burns at the same time. I have had to forgo using scented laundry detergent and softener as well as most lotions and body washes.
21. Nothing in the world could ever smell as sweet as the air after summer rain.
22. My favorite flowers are lilacs, gardenias, and roses.
23. My dad thinks it’s weird that I like spending time with cadavers. My anatomy students think it’s weird that I will hold a brain with no problem but if I see a hair on a cadaver or specimen that is not supposed to be there I freak and get all grossed out.
24. When I was little I didn’t know what color my hair was because it has brown, blonde and red in it so I used to call it “rainbow” hair.
25. I am utterly terrified of poisonous spiders. Whenever I see a black widow or brown recluse I get so scared I cry and can’t move. This is a pretty sad affliction seeing as how we have lots of black widows around my house and my brothers think it’s funny to chase me with them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For Sale

So, we are really going to do it! Raising money for Camp Kesem has been a big challenge this year. Most of our donations come from writing letters to friends and family but this year we have been down on our luck with insufficient funds. To help us raise money during the last month before camp we will be hosting a date auction. I will be participating.

Basically, the other "contestents" and my self will parade around looking hott and bids will be placed on an article of clothing or jewelery we own. Once the bidding is over and the donations have been collected, we will proceed to go on our blind date and hopefully end get a bit of cash for our beloved Kesemites.

I'm really excited!

After considerable experience (acquired via the vast majority of my dating exposure) I am exeptional at first dates, especially blind first dates. I've got this one in the bag. I will look good, be a great listener, and have a positive outlook. I'm really excited!