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Sunday, August 2, 2009


This weekend has been chocked full of *things* -- lots going on!

-- We almost gave up the van to get a brand-spanking new Prius . . . but then the deal fell through when the dealership wouldn't budge a bit on the price after inflating it with crazy stuff and charging extra. So now I have the van back. (I'm sort of glad because I've never driven a brand new vehicle and I find the thought intimidating. Not only that, but, I need the van to transport things for Camp Kesem in TWO WEEKS! *eek!*)

-- Got hit on by a teenager at Sonic's at midnight.
-- I was invited on a float trip in the Provo River and ended up with a touch of hypothermia, heat stroke, a really bad sunburn, and ants in my pants to do it again! (Planning on doing it in September :-)

-- Tried to go to a party by the lake and ended up lost two or three times, stuck between parked cars two or three times, and was called a bad name. The party was lame and I was in pain so we drove off before it finally came to an end.
-- Went to the Weeping Elm in down-town Provo at 1am.
-- Became privy to the existance of the rockn' nightlife of Provo teens in the Big Lots parking lot at 2am.
-- Nearly stole from Wal-Mart. (I went back and paid for it, I promise.)
-- Spent more than $200 on Oriental Trading stuff for Camp Kesem. :-P

-- Tried to sleep in and failed. . . twice.
-- Decided it was easier to love everyone in the world and laugh at myself than get upset while in a tight space.

Yellow daisies in a warm meadow
Covered by the brilliant sun
Sleeping in the cool, green clover
Loving the world
Everyone in the world
Without difficulty

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