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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot and Twenty-two

My job often gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the United States. In June I had the pleasure of meeting an entertaining group of cops from the South.

They took up bets guessing my age and pestered me to tell how old I am until I gave in. Upon discovering the truth they confessed that they thought I was anywhere from 19 to 24.

Not bad.

One gentleman exclaimed, "Oooh-whee! You're hot and twenty-two, mmmmm-hmmmm!"

It was then insisted upon that I take photos with the group so they could remember the fun we had.

Made my day when it happened and makes me smile to think of it.

Twenty Two
January 20, 2009

I am twenty two and so solitarily single it is a shame
This is the year for self renovation, to tear down the old in favor of the new
And really reach the sleeping potential I have always carried inside
This is the year to finally experience what it is to be alive
To live in the moment, to choose kindness in favor of being brash
To partake, but not to excess, to look but not to stare
Or, perhaps I will stare and invite a stare in return

I am twenty two and terrifyingly tempting
To the point that all young men cover their slavering tongues
And run for shame of their own naked desires
Or so I must conclude, for there are none beside me
Perhaps it is not my beauty that frightens them away
But my boldness, gentleness, tactlessness, wit and humility
My endless talents and talentless ends

I am twenty two and quite at odds with the world
Help the children, save the earth, limit preservatives
Stay up late and paint the moon a million shades
Brighter than its own natural, illuminatory pale
And never regret a moment of happiness
A moment of sadness, ecstasy, or despair
Because I am twenty two and I know myself.

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