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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I love Wii and Blee!

Last night I was methodically smashing Coms’ pants off on Marioparty 8 all by my lonesome and wracking up gold coins and stars like no one’s business!

All of a sudden I was no longer alone and found myself playing Princess Peach against Blee’s Dry Bones. (I like Peach because she accessorizes and doesn’t say annoying things like Daisy.)

We were playing a dueling game set and everything was going grand when he decided to eat his Bollo candy and rolled right over me. All of my gold coins disappeared into the nothingness of having been smashed.


To make it up to me he sweetly wasted twenty of his gold coins on candy at the next candy shop, thereby giving up his ability to buy the winning gold star. To even the playing field, he said.

A series of minigames, rearrangements of the playing board, and dumb luck ended up giving me the winning combination of gold coins, position, and rolls of the dice.

Huzzah for victory!

You see, Billy boy has caught on to the one major rule of living with women: we always win. Whether at being “right,” knowing where to find the cheapest whatever (or best deal, because sometimes quality over quantity really is the steadfast rule), or at being the fairest in all the land.

So, here’s a gold star just for you Blee; because you know how to keep a lady happy.

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