Poetry and musings of a zany Mormon girl who is very proud of her Erda roots.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

If I Didn't Have To

Oh what I could do if I didn't go there!
I'd play, romp, run, jump with nary a care
Learn to sing the firefly's meandering tune
Take a walk to the the tall grass with only the moon
Or feast upon ice cream, cookies and treats
Watch television while snacking on sweets
Learn about calculus, poetry, and Latin
Painting, and dancing, and instrumentation
Football and tennis, soccer and ping pong
I'd do it all happily before very long!
I'd tame wild beasts with a wave of my hand
Or build a tall rocket to explore star-washed lands
Do you see all the things I could clearly accomplish
If I never went THERE as you so often admonish
The life of a genius may be tiring, I suppose
But I'll rejuvenate in my caffeine-washed clothes
Perhaps *yawn* for now, while I'm still very small
I'll allow you to change me *yawn* and try not to bawl
As you kiss me and tuck me under the sheet
With *yawn* fuzzy green PJ's with zippers and feet
All comfy and cozy a poofy pillow under head
I'll plan my adventures *yawn* for when I never have to go to bed

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