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Monday, January 4, 2010


In the months leading up to a new year, I get a general sense of anticipation or dread for the year to come. Most of the time, it is just a benign "go with the flow" type feeling. Once it was dark, foreboding fingernails-in-the-old-year, don't-want-to-go-on-to-the-new feeling. That turned out to be a year with deep grief and loss right in the middle.

2010 feels very...uncertain. There is no set path for the wind to blow and every minor breeze seems to sway me one way or another.

Already the hard times seem to loom overhead and will not be shushed into submissive silence.

My freshman year at BYU was a year for tremendous learning. Not only did I get to attend the school of my choice and learn the miracles of worldly knowledge, but I was exceedingly blessed with the opportunity to grow socially and spiritually in the presence of supportive peers. The BYU 94th Ward was comprised of less than 100 students. We were all very similar in age and interest. I learned what it was to have best friends outside of my family for the first time in my life. These people included me, a social retard, in both formal and informal activities and study sessions. I felt loved and valued. As a happy consequence, I became less of a social retard.

Four and half years after we all met, we are still an uncommonly close group. Most people lose track of their freshmen wards and don't pay much attention to the passing time.

This weekend we were reminded of our connections once more by the desperate need of one of our own. Bright, beautiful, and talented this particular girl rose a call for help. This call was heard by friends and family close to where she lives now as well as friends from our BYU 94th ward. We rallied together, physically and spiritually, hoping to send some comfort to our friend.

Although only time can tell what lies in store for our friend, one thing is certain:
We are a sturdy and steadfast lot. I am honored to know such fine people. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and learn from these friends. I feel the blessings and comfort of associating with an amazing collection of people.

Let's keep moving together, progressing in our individual journies for perfection.

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