Poetry and musings of a zany Mormon girl who is very proud of her Erda roots.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great Gushing Giggles!

Giggles gush from children’s smiles as they pretend to listen to an ardent adult about dreary facts from dusty old oratories.

Gentle reprimands generally work to silence the little laughs, but today the tykes control side conversations as grown-ups giggle too.

Do you see it there? Under the lecturer’s lean lectern is a slithering stripped snake rubber replica!

Soon the stalwart speaker will notice the muffled mirth and survey the ruffled room in silence.

Suspicious eyes will spark and light upon the lithe rubber replica supposing it to be real.

Children chatter, audaciously anxious for a scrumptious scream to echo through the hallowed hall.

When the narrow-eyed narrator finally finds the cause of the commotion, it is not a yelp that escapes his lips, but a light laugh!

With a jolly jiggle around his middle, the giggle grows into a tidal wave of merry mirth that sweeps the sacred surroundings from floor to ceiling, contagious to the congregation.

Side-splitting laughter causes adults and children alike to roll on the floor in riotous reaction to the snake sighting!

All at once, the giggles are gone. Smiles still tickle twinkling eyes and bellies bounce with suppressed silliness, but the moment has passed at the preacher proceeds.

Until one small boy, way in the back, behind the last proud pillar produces a pack of pink whoopee cushions for the congregation. . .