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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There are so many times in my life when I just need a miracle and then everything will be alright. That’s easy, right? Just bawl for a little bit and summon a Fairy Godmother to turn rags to ball gowns and fix everything that is broken. For those of us who aren’t regularly gifted with magical glass slippers, miracles might seem out of our reach.

But, with eyes open and actively searching, miracles can be found every day in a million ways.
Here are some that I’ve been noticing lately:

Spring: It invariably follows winter and the days get longer. That means that I get to drive home with a little bit of sunlight and a much better mood.

The moon: I love the cycles of the moon. Last week I was able to see the door for the garage every morning because of the bright moonlight. This improved my mood when I was trying to wake up enough to drive to work.

Smiles: I don’t know how often I am smiled at by someone during the course of a day, but it never ceases to improve my thoughts and lift my own lips.

Dancing: I am terrible at dancing – two left feet and all – but I got to go dancing this weekend and had such a great time learning new steps (I use the term “learning” loosely here because I’m incapable of retaining dance steps). My younger brothers dance with me in the kitchen. I love that. Watching other people dance is spell-binding! The capabilities of the human body are certainly miraculous!

Laughing: It’s amazing to me how great laughter makes me feel! I love to laugh. Hard. The smallest things will have me rolling on the floor in uncontrollable mirth. Sometimes it’s a bit ridiculous because once I get the giggles I can’t stop for a really long time.

Music: The fact that music exists at all is a miraculous. Different tones and pitches go together to make something beautiful, sad, energetic, fierce, sappy, inspirational, or sigh-worthy.

Silence: So peaceful and eerily beautiful. Like when all of nature stops to listen to each snow flake stack up on one another.

Peace of mind: Although difficult to summon more often than not, it is a welcome occurrence that I treasure in the moments it is available.

Contentment: Also a slippery pleasure to posses.


I left work early to make an interview in Provo for an EFY Health Counselor position, but left my house with only an hour to get to the Harmon Building. It usually takes me about 75-80 minutes from Erda to BYU campus. Yesterday it took me 65-70 minutes. Traffic was in my favor and only slowed a little. I was able to drive safely but quickly. I think part of the road may have vanished because I really don't remember driving bits of it. I was still a little late for my appointed time slot, but the girl ahead of me still hadn't showed up and my interviewer was very sweet about it. I ended up chatting for about 20 minutes more than the interview required and feel really good about getting the job! Talk about miracles!

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