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Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh wow!

Yesterday at work my coworkers threw a Hail and Farewell party. Hail to the four new employees and farewell to little ol' me. I was late because I was, well, working and they waited for me to dish up a plate before anyone else got a chance. I was presented with a nice picture of the division that was signed by everyone as well as a certificate of appreciation that was exceptionally nice.

It's funny to me that a month ago I really couldn't think of any reason to want to stay down there. I just wanted to leave and move on with life. Now that I'm leaving it's sad to see this part of my life slip by. Although I have no intentions of working there again, I'll keep my options open and think back to my months at Dugway with pride. I've worked hard, made connections, and had experiences that could not have been gained any other way.

Thanks for a great nine months.

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