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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For Sale

So, we are really going to do it! Raising money for Camp Kesem has been a big challenge this year. Most of our donations come from writing letters to friends and family but this year we have been down on our luck with insufficient funds. To help us raise money during the last month before camp we will be hosting a date auction. I will be participating.

Basically, the other "contestents" and my self will parade around looking hott and bids will be placed on an article of clothing or jewelery we own. Once the bidding is over and the donations have been collected, we will proceed to go on our blind date and hopefully end get a bit of cash for our beloved Kesemites.

I'm really excited!

After considerable experience (acquired via the vast majority of my dating exposure) I am exeptional at first dates, especially blind first dates. I've got this one in the bag. I will look good, be a great listener, and have a positive outlook. I'm really excited!

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