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Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Waste The Pretty

The funny thing about self confidence is that it can grow exponentially as a person receives positive feedback. It can literally increase infinitely.

My quest for confidence has caused me to stumble upon a very interesting and very effective rule of thumb:

Don't waste the pretty.

I'm talking about the simple act of being able to get up, get dressed, and look at yourself in the mirror without imagining it shattering into a million pieces at the monstrosity of perceived faults.

There have been times in my life when I have not been able to look myself in the mirror because I despised the image I reflected. There was nothing I liked about myself physically, emotionally, or socially. All that I could see was someone who was trapped inside a body she hated because she was too weak to change.

This was reflected in the baggy t-shirt and pony tail uniform I outfitted myself in to hide the things I was self conscious about. And I was self conscious about everything.

I wear colors now. Bright, bold, and beautiful colors. I never could do that before.

When something makes you feel great, get out and show it off. Don't waste the pretty by hiding it. Don't waste the pretty on people who won't appreciate it. Don't waste the pretty doing something that makes you feel less than awesome.

It lasts a lot longer when it is shared. It grows when it is passed on. It helps you to love yourself and the beautiful body that God gave you despite its perceived imperfections.

I am by no means model material, and never will be, but can confidently declare that I have curves every bit as dramatic as Marilyn Monroe. I have large, strong muscles that do not require excessive exercise to maintain. I have a healthy appetite and no shame in feeding it. I have a body that does what I ask it to do.

What more can a girl want than what she's already got?

Don't waste the pretty on trying to be something you are not.

I like what I see in the mirror now because I like the me I am. My physical appearance, though a big part of what I am, does not necessarily dictate who I am. My mind, my heart, and my soul get to dictate who I am. Nothing else.

The same goes for you.  A person can tell you that something is wrong with you a million times by comparing you to the ever shifting standard. But when you know the measure of your worth, nothing can stop you from seeing just how beautiful you are.

Don't waste the pretty on those who would try to tell you otherwise.

What makes you feel pretty? What helps you to feel awesome about yourself? What gives you the boost of confidence that you look for in the morning?


  1. The most beautiful people I've ever known are not necessarily model material, but I never would have known that had I not looked at pictures of them. They are extraordinarily beautiful and attractive in person - it's the inner beauty that transforms that outer. And you get prettier every time I see you.