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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adam: White Powder

My brother, Adam, was born February 29, 1992.

He thought that being a Leap Day baby was the best! Of course, he was the smartest kid who had only had three birthdays!

If he were still here he would have just turned 19 and would probably be in all sorts of trouble.

He had a knack for trouble.

When he was about 10 my parents received a frantic phone call from the elementary school principal. Adam's teacher had found him playing with a bag full of "white powder" hidden in his desk. She took immediate action which landed Adam in the principals office.

Some weeks previous the kids had been subjected to the awkward cruelty of Maturation Week wherein the girls and boys were separated for lessons on the birds and the bees. As part of the course, they were handed sample sized hygiene kits containing deodorant, bar soap, and other seemingly innocuous items.

Lacking the need for hotel soap at home, Adam began picking at the soap during boring parts of his day. Pretty soon it had been ground into fine, white powder.

That's where the teacher came into play.

In the frenzy of accusation no one had bothered to really investigate the white power, much less ask the boy what he was doing with it in his desk or how it got there.

When Dad showed up to take Adam home for out of school suspension, this fact sprung into view.

Adam was back in school the next day.

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  1. That's an awesome story. Sounds like your brother was an awesome guy =) Happy birthday to him.