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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Little Words

Words are amazing. It takes multiple words to define a single word. Multiple words which all have multiple word definitions. And then, of course, those words have multiple word definitions. Words are pretty much endless.


If you say a word over and over again it totally loses all meaning. Now I'm not really sure how to spell the word "word" because I've just used it so much.


My point is: words pack a wallop!

Language packs a wallop.

There seems to be an innate thirst for communication hard wired in to nearly every human beings. Some people don't seem to need to communicate with others. The rest of us see them as weird.

It's like a miracle when someone can say just the right thing to make you feel amazing, comforted, high on life, and ready to go out and own the world. It's even more amazing when it's all presented in a beautifully quaint, traditional, personal, modern manner.

I love you.

Three little words that convey a plethora of emotions, dreams, anticipation, doubt, tenderness, strength, weakness, support, and expectation.

What's more: it has a different meaning for everyone who says it depending on who they say it to and how they say it and when the say it and why they say it.

It's the most ambiguous and clear statement in our language.

It is a paradox.


That's pretty fascinating.

Question: If you were to sum up my personality into three little words, what would they be?

Just curious


  1. Crème brûlée tease

  2. opinionated, zany, insightful