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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today: A Tuesday

Today I shadowed a cardiologist.


I forgot how much I love helping people feel better!

And I didn't even do anything, I just watched!!

In short: I totally need to get into med school so I can have all of the answers to help someone feel better/figure out what makes them feel less than awesome.

. . .

Today I rekindled my love for St. Patrick's day as I told people about our tradition of always having corned beef, cabbage, and red potatoes. Mostly I just love the leftovers.

Rubens are the best.

. . .

Today a man spoke to me for the first time since just before Valentine's Day when I turned down a weird offer to go to dinner after work. Apparently he's been sulking the entire time and that's why he won't speak to me. 

I had no idea.

Why are plasma donors so weird?


. . .

Today it really sunk in that I have to drive to Las Vegas all by my lonesome on Friday night after work. I am working up some iTunes albums as we speak. Hopefully no animals will attempt suicide Friday night. It's spring, they should all be twitterpated right now. Unless one gets rejected...

Oh, no!


That mental image was just too much.

I wonder if my insurance covers suicidal animals lacking will to live due to unrequitted love?

I sure hope so.


  1. Noel's Bachelorette will be held there on Saturday. Apparently it's going to be sort of wild...