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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


While I realize that not everyone likes snow, I am a big fan. I love the crisp, vibrant way the air glimmers after a storm. I love watching flurries dance on the wind settle into thick piles on the ground, trees, buildings, and eyelashes of those viewing their performance. I love how it takes a long time for snow to accumulate on the surface of roads and disappears as soon as a flake touches down.

I love the silence of snow. All the world seems to cozy up inside some type of burrow and the regular sounds of nature cease to pay tribute to the awesome power of snow.

My favorite type of snow only happens when it is truly cold outside. When the sky turns dappled and gray, and the air sings with chill. Then the snow flakes come down as large, individual, perfect crystals. Each flake stacks up on the ground and makes the perfect powder. The kind of powder that easily brushes off of coats but completely frosts your exposed hair or fur trim. And the crunch! This snow is dry with plenty of air caught up in between each flake. Each step begins as an adventure on a pillow-soft cloud of white and results in a satisfying "crunch!" as all of the layers are compressed. It is, consequently, the best for winter sports.

My very favorite thing about snow is that after becoming deliciously cold you can hang up your outdoor clothes, don a thick pair of socks, and snuggle up to someone warm with a hot mug of something sweet and just watch the magic from the comfortable side of a glass pane.

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