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Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Is Halloween

Only seven days left!

How exciting!!

A few things I love about Halloween:

1.) CANDY!

2.) Creepy things people put on their lawns.

3.) Socially acceptable dress up parties complete with full on make up, wigs, and accessories. The more insane or creative the better.

4.) Seeing little kids dressed up as the very thing that scares them every other day of the year.

5.) Seeing little kids dressed up as the very thing they wish they could be every other day of the year.

6.) Anticipating, planning, and getting all reved up to to have a great time -- with the understanding that the more effort exerted, the more fun you get out of it because everything is up to the imagination.

7.) Caramel, cinnamon, apples, and pumpkins are now in full season.

8.) Bon-fires!

9.) Trunk or treat at the Motor-Vu!! (October 30 this year if anyone wants to come down for a meal, movie, and trick or treating for the kiddies of course!)

10.) "Taxing" other people's loot.

11.) Getting the rest of someone's bowl of candy because they are tired and don't want to keep their porch light on anymore.

12.) Always needing to wear a coat because it's cold, even though it covers up your cool costumes. It's ok, Mom took tons of photos right after doing your make up anyway. 

13.) Pumpkin patches!

14.) Categorizing candy and toys (and toothbrushes) based on their desirability and consuming it all in order of best to worst. Let's face it: there's always one type of candy that is thrown away at Easter time because no one actually wanted to eat it.

15.) Falling asleep to a scary movie covered in a blanket fashioned from discarded candy wrappers.

Yep, Halloween is nearly here! Time to get your scare on!!

What do you like best about Halloween?

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