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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Breaking News

I just like this picture.

You know it was a good day when it started at 7:30 and still hasn't ended at midnight but it's been productive and engaging the whole time.

On to other news:

Tomorrow is Friday.

When a person is unemployed and really has no set schedule rather than to wile away the hours of endless nothing with undefined somethings that could change course at the drop of a pin, weekends don't mean much other than the end of one week so another can begin. When the same person begins working again and has just cause to celebrate the cessation of the work week with a little break, they want to really celebrate. So, what should I do tomorrow?!

On to other news:

I'm so broke that when I went shopping for scrubs so I can actually work at my new job, the only place in my price range was DI. Seeing as how DI doesn't launder any of the clothing donations they receive (my friend once found a used band aid inside a pair of pants she was trying on) I opted out of trying on the scrubs available for sizing. Apparently I'm smaller than I think. The scrubs I had on today (after a thorough washing) made me feel like a flying tree squirrel. I need to take a sewing machine at those things and show them who's boss.

On to other news:

I had a delightful conversation with a 12 year old tonight while she was waiting for her mom to stop talking to other grown-ups.

I planted the seed of enthusiasm for snipe hunting. I feel accomplished.

What a wonderful feeling to be able to converse freely with someone more than ten years my junior. I can remember being that age and having adults talk down to me because I was "just a kid." When I was ten, and fed up with such behavior from adults, I vowed to remember and treat kids like the clear-thinking people they are. Just because a kid lacks the life experience of an adult does not mean that they cannot comprehend life. Hopefully I've been keeping that promise to my ten-year-old self.

On to other news:

It's time for today to end so that tomorrow can begin!

I just like this picture, too.

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