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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh So Manic

I love how serious all of the singers are in this music video. Can you gals just sit back and enjoy the shoot for a bit instead of getting all sultry/snide the whole time? I mean, how much snarl is appropriate when your line is

But I can't be late,
'Cause then I guess I just won't get paid

That one cracked me so bad! Go to 0:37 to see what I mean. Priceless.

Not just a manic Monday, but a manic week! I've been on one lately! Every thing is funny. I've been riding a high that can't be beat.

When I laugh, I really laugh. It's my exercise plan. I have rock hard abs.

Yesterday, while cooking dinner, I made up an awesome song about taking a cheeseburger on a date to the beach.

Sadly, the song was lost as soon as it escaped by psyche. I have a terrible memory.

It's days like these that make me seriously consider wearing a recording device to capture all of my amazing voices and the things that just pop out of my face, unbidden. The least I can say is that I make myself laugh.

Tonight it was the lentils.

In an effort to make a high protein, low carb meal to appease the masses, Mom turned to a mess of pottage. (Don't worry, I made sure that my brothers did not trade it for their birth right – there will be no wars in the McCown clan this generation over lentils nor will Ben be putting on goat skin to make his body feel as hairy as Frank's.)

I tasted the lentils.

They were sorely in need of salt.

I told Mom, “Mom, these lentils need salt.”

She said some garbled words that made me think that I was not allowed to add salt to make the lentils edible.

I added black pepper instead.

Then I put all the mess of pottage on the table and called everyone over.

After the blessing was said, I could not stop giggling. I knew that the meal was nasty. It was only a matter of moments before everyone else knew it too.

Sue took one look in the pot and passed up the lumpy, orange goop with bits of carrot floating in random order. “This looks like baby poo,” she said.

I had to agree.

I laughed harder.

Dad said that it was the stuff the blind soft aliens on the color-less planet fed the children in A Wrinkle In Time.

I always liked those aliens the best. As a child I used to draw pictures of them and think of how wonderful it would be to have one embrace me. Mmmmm, soft alien hugs.

Ben burned his tongue almost immediately on the pottage and couldn't taste for the rest of the meal.


The rest of us put copious amounts of salt and butter in our bowls and guess what...?!

It was good!

Now, on to more serious matters. The following is a picture of a very attractive face I use to get dates. Enjoy!


Hahahahahahahhahaha! *giggle, chortle, snort*

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