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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, Monday

When I was young, the smallest things used to completely upset my day. If I couldn't find the exact sock I wanted to wear, the entire day was ruined. A temper tantrum would ensue, I would cry and carry on, and the triggering event would never get resolved. Then, one day my mom said something that changed my perspective. She said, "The days that start out the worst always end the best." The idea is that if a day starts out terribly, then it can't get any worse so it will inevitably get better.

Today started out pretty crummy.  We're talking "Monday the 13th" sort of crummy.

I admit, I few tears were washed down the drain with my bath water.

On my way to work, I allowed myself a few minutes of silent contemplation before turning the radio on for some up-beat music for a change in mood. Arriving to work early, I also allowed myself a few moments to jot down the things things that were making me feel so terrible. Expressive words have always been cathartic for me. That's one of the biggest reasons for why I write this here blog thingy. Once I've written something, I can forget about it or remember it -- whatever I choose.

All of those words, the thoughts that were keeping me down, were left outside. If I chose to take them up again after work, then fine, but I didn't want to bring them in with me.

And, just like that, I set myself up for a good day.

I got through a lot of my training, gained confidence, and progressed in my job and as a human being. If only for one day, I felt accomplished.

When my day finally ended and I saw the page I had filled in with black words still sitting in my car, my mother's words came back in full force.

"The days that start out the worst always end the best."

Overall, today was pretty awesome.

Take that, Monday!

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