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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tender Mercy Chain and Cool Things

The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. Psalms 145:9

I had no gas money.  

My brother gave me cash so I could get gas and make it home after work today.

After paying for the gas (I usually use a card) I came back to my car on the passenger side instead of remaining only on the driver's side.

I noticed that my front passenger tire was almost completely flat.

The gas station had an air machine.

I was able to find the giant nail embedded in my tire.

It was in there pretty deep so I knew I had a slow leak. 

My phone has Google.  

I was able to locate the nearest Les Schwab.

It was only a few miles down the same road I was already traveling.

I had to work early, so I got off early. Since I got off early, all of this happened at the right time so that I could make it to the tire store before closing time.  

Because we bought the tires at Les Schwab, they patched me up and sent me on my way without charging a cent!

 I didn't have a flat tire/horrible accident while on the freeway.

I am alive right now.

So, to loop it all together -- being broke may have saved my life today. Huh. Go figure!

After discovering the flat, I searched my car and found the spare tire and a terrible jack but no wrench. If I had been stranded on the freeway with a flat, bent rim, or worse, I would not have been able to fix it alone.

. . .

Some other cool things about today:

1.) I noticed that my face hurts. Specifically, my levator labii superioris and zygomaticus muscles. This is because I am smiling more than usual.

2.) My training at work is progressing nicely and I am getting along smashingly with all of my coworkers.

3.) A man resembling a better-looking, blonde Tom Cruise smiled at me for no less than five whole minutes.

4.) It snowed. It was cool. Or cold, rather.

5.) I wore perfume for the first time all week, forgot about it, and had a lot of people compliment the scent, but they didn't know where it was coming from. It was me!

6.) My violin had really great tone tonight. Mmmm, great tone.

7.) My fingers don't hurt because my calluses are coming back!

8.) I had a big idea yesterday and I'm really excited to see if it will actually work.

9.) I have had deja vu at least three times in the last three days.

10.) I was renamed "Paul" because I don't have a name tag for work yet. I like it. Like the Beatle. Or the Apostle.

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