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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Holidays: Christmas Edition

So, we've managed to do it: Christmas with no gifts, turkey, fruit cake, or stockings.

We lazed about all day, spoke with far away loved ones on the phone and Skype, watched a movie, aired some grievances, procured take out Chinese, and wrapped it up with a few rounds of Spoons.

What a day!

But, you know what?

It didn't feel like Christmas.

Not at all.

I think there must be magic in the traditions of find just the right gift for someone, sneaking around at night to stuff stockings, roasting a huge turkey with all the trimmings, and gathering together to read the story of Christ's birth. We only do it one day a year, and that's enough to make the other 364 envious of all that attention. It's worth the hassle, commotion, travel, and stress to share this very special day with those we love dearest. It really is.

My family will be celebrating Christmas in full force next week, once my sister's family -- and the only grandchild -- comes from England. We will be eagerly awaiting their arrival, finding it hard to sleep as we dream of British candies and the lovely presents that will be under one of our three trees. The dining room table will be adorned with a large bird and a dozen other treats. We will open Christmas Crackers, eat ourselves silly, sing songs, and talk for hours. Then, once everything has been sufficiently cleaned, we will gather around the fire place to listen to Luke chapter two. At some point, a gift wrap frenzy will commence and we'll all go to bed with happy thoughts spinning under our eyelids.

The key word in all of this is we. It's the togetherness that makes it all wonderful.

I think I'm finally getting excited for Christmas!

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