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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I always dream about people I know or will know.

Some of my best friends were met in dreams before I knew them in real life.

Dreams and deja vu. They go hand in hand. I will dream something and months later it will happen. Right down to sounds, smells, textures, and things that I say. Of course, in my dreams there is always something else going on and the scene that comes up later in real life just gets thrown in the mix. I can't see the friend's face until I actually meet them, but deja vu flashes I know that they were the one in the dream.

There is no saying how often this has happened; it changes based on what is happening my life. Sometimes I get it every day for four days. Sometimes I don't have it for several months.

My siblings were always annoyed with my declarations of "Deja vu!" so I stopped vocalizing when it happened.

I've always been amazed at this sneak peak into my future. Why does it happen? How does it happen? What does it mean?

A younger me liked to declare that I would marry whoever could unfold these mysteries. Because a man who knew something like that would know a lot about everything, right?

Now, I prefer to accept my mother's answer from when I was about six: It's just a little reassurance that my life is on track and I am doing what I ought to do.

I love the thrill that accompanies recognizing one of these episodes.

A few weeks have passed since the last time my dream literally came true. Hopefully it was a good omen.

The last two nights have brought interesting dreams. Perhaps tonight can make the third in row. Or perhaps they are deja vu in the making. I will accept either choice. Or both. But I'd hate to be greedy. :)

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