Poetry and musings of a zany Mormon girl who is very proud of her Erda roots.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Always on my mind.

My mind is curiously blank.
I sit with open anticipation of thought but those thoughts are thwarted; nipped in the bud as it were, by the candy coating of impossible possibilities for the future.
Patience was never a strong point for me. But I knew several things when I was 18 and one of those is that patience must become a strong point. Or else I will die of boredom.
I'm only ever bored when I'm waiting for something to happen.
Have I ever expressed how much I love oldies music? Well, I do. Exactly the kind of stuff that parents in the 50's and 60's forbade their children from listening to because it would tempt them into doing immoral things. Oohers! Except, for the most part, the songs are sweet and gentle. The tunes are exciting and fun to simply listen to but can also be dance music.
Sometimes all I want in the world is to hear Buddy Holly hiccup. I have simple needs.

Some day I will make creme brulee.
Everyday I try to excite a little love affair with food. I figure, if I can turn mundane food items into something spectacular then I will have earned my bread that day.
I love bread. Mmmmmm.
Fall is the very best season. These days, I wake up with joy to find the air more crisp and delicious, the days a little shorter, and pumpkin season a little closer. Yay for cinnamon!
I love movies. My favorite genres include musicals, suspense , and sports films. I also love spoiling a good book by watching the movie adaptation first. Mostly because if I read the book first I'm always disappointed by the movie. And I like movies.
I love to travel. I feel powerful tromping around the big airports and running to catch a flight.
History is a big draw for me too. Learning why each place in the world is unique and wonderful is a favorite past time. I used to pour over history books, piecing together in my mind how technology and fashion and social upheaval moulded the world into this place where I now reside. Fantastic.
My pinkies are shorter than most people's. They don't reach the the most distal joint of my ring fingers. But, my fingers are uncommonly long, so maybe my pinkies are normal sized and the rest of the digits are the abnormalities. We will never know...
I nearly submitted a picture to the state fair. I didn't know which one to submit and I didn't think of doing it all until too late anyway. Ah well, there's always next year. Right?
I hate overhead lighting in my room. Lamps. All the way.
I'm picky about my bedsheets. I would rather spend $50-$70 on 450 thread count (on sale) than purchase those crusty cheap things from Wal-Mart. Any day. That's just how it is.
My fingers are cold and my lips are all swollen. I think I've thought enough for today.


  1. I'm the same with the pinkies, except I think that my left one is even shorter than the right. Part of the reason for having long fingernails (besides that they just grow that way and I'm lazy) is that they disguise my short stubby fingers...

  2. Suzy was compairing our hands during Sacrament meeting on Sunday. She was complaining about how poofy and stubby her fingers look. I told her to grow out her fingernails like you do, Lorri, but she didn't think it would work for her.