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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane: BYU

Things I miss about going to school at BYU:
1. Talking or doing Sudoku through the forums.
2. Meeting up with friends for lunch.
3. Meeting up with friends in between classes.
4. Meeting up with friends to go to the MOA.
5. Meeting up with friends between classes to go to lunch at the MOA!
6. Randomly finding people I know on campus and stopping to chat.
7. Organizing study parties.
8. Walking around like I own the place.
9. Listening to/watching performances on the steps of the Wilk.
10. Watching the looks on people's faces when I say something very loudly that I probably should have kept to myself because it may or may not cause offense to the tender-minded out there.

I got to do all of these things today! Well, except for that one...

A trip further down Memory Lane. Pay attention, children, there might be a quiz at the end!

1. Every Tuesday at 11.

2. Pretty much every day. Ashley, Noel, Holly, Robert, and I had a standing lunch date freshman year. Our lunches would typically include "studying" and last for hours on end. Mmm, butterscotch brownies!

3. Hahahaha! We called them study sessions, but you know what? I'm not convinced that anything was actually happening except that we were all falling in friend with each other. Hard core!

4. Hey, Amy, remember that time we were supposed to go to the MOA to see the Beholding Salvation exhibit but then I was certain that we were supposed to go to the library achieves and they didn't know what we were talking about but we got to see a real-live Rembrandt print of Christ teaching in the temple as a boy? Up close! With white gloves, velvet, and everything! That was so cool! Best mistake, ever!

5. Every Friday! Just be careful during the week to accrue a nice balance on the old Dining Plus card and viola! A lovely lunch at the MOA! Harvest turkey croissant? Yes, please!

6. I sort of felt guilty when my students would stop me and I could never remember their names...

7. Hahahaha! "Study" parties! Hahahahahaha!

8. Hey, Noel, Holly, Ashley, Suzanne, Valerie -- remember how we would run to 8am Inorganic Chem every morning? Yep, that was cool. We didn't look like freshmen at all.

9. Acoustic Explosion, Vocal Point, Noteworthy. . . Good stuff!

10. So this one time all of us girls were going to make dinner for the boys and then they were going to make dinner for us as a big group "date" that wasn't really a date because no one was actually paired up.

We girls couldn't decide on what to make. Someone suggested chicken marsala, but it contains wine and we didn't know where we would be able to cook chicken marsala -- for fear of being kicked out of BYU for a) having wine on campus and b) having wine on campus as 18 year old kids.

The fear was strong.

Plus, I hate wine in food! Blech!

Discussing the problems with this particular suggestion on campus was probably a no-no, but doing so while walking by the JSB right after a ton of religion classes were excused and shouting very loudly, "But where are we going to get the wine!!" is probably a very big no-no.

People actually stopped walking to stare at me.

I felt their judgment.

The judgment was strong.

So, I did the most logical thing I could think of in the moment: I ducked and ran.

What I wish I had done: Very loudly pronounce myself a lush and proceed to beg for change and a ride to the nearest State Liquor Store to purchase more vino. Because *that* would have gone over well.

This whole post was really just me wanting to share that last story.


I've said so many things on campus that made people look at me funny. Mostly about reproductive physiology, actually. I can't help that repro phys is awesome! Come on, people, let's grow some adult brains and accept that the human body is not inherently evil! Really!!

I apologize if this offends you, my dear non-reading public-who-probably-won't-care-even-if-you-are-in-fact-real-and-not-just-a-figment-of-my-arrogant-imagination.

In short: I had a great time tromping around campus with my friends.

I love my people in Provo!

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