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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

100 Round the Bends

My first interview: complete.

Hopefully I will get a secondary interview and maybe even the job.

That would mean moving up to Logan in the hight of its Autumn glory!

In looking for apartments today I found a darling little room in a darling little house in a darling little neighborhood. The street is lined by deciduous trees that will soon tune gorgeous colors and fall in crunchy heaps! Yep. I like the little room. I've already mentally moved in, so I'd better get the job or else I'll have to mentally pay rent on someplace where I don't really live.

The last question my interviewers posed was, "Why do you want to relocate to Logan?"

I thought about it for only a moment before answering:

"I fell in love with the valley when I rounded the bend and descended from the canyon for the first time back in June. Plus, I'm 23 and want to live on my own."

I think those reasons are good enough.

Y'all keep your fingers crossed for me and I'd keep you posted. That's a promise.

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