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Monday, September 20, 2010

Yep, Today IS a Monday!

1. My eyeballs are tired. You know, when the lids get all heavy and the orbs feel like dry corn cob nubs? Yeah, those are my eyes. Right. Now.

2. This is my 75th post! Huzzah!

3. I have a crazy Booh-bah staring at me from across the room. It makes farty noises when you activate its sensors.

Heh, heh.


4. I've accomplished about 75% of what I wanted today. Not bad. Good job, self!

5. The love child of Iron Man and Superman would be awesome. Nuf said.

6. Three legged pigs are lucky. Wait, what?

7. In Bali, babies are considered gods until they turn six months old. At which time, they are accepted into the human race via an elaborate ceremony. If a babe dies before that age, it's no big deal -- they were simply accepted back into the spirit world with the rest of the gods.

The baby is all like, "Yeah, thanks for the world tour and all, but I think I'll just sneak back..." *death!*

I like this veiw better than assuming that the baby is damned if it can't hack this cruel, cruel world. Poor baby!

8. No chickens disturbed me today.

9. I have had a picture frame for nearly years and have yet to manage printing off photosen to inhabit it's many portals of veiwing pleasure.

10. I've taken to saying the plural of "photo" as "photosen" in my head. It sounds more organic and biological and scientific. And just sort of weird, but that's just me.

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