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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beauty Queens Dreams

I used to take naps in the cemetery.

After work on summer days when the sun-warmed air retained heat for hours after dark, I would drive up to the cemetery, kill the engine, and crawl onto the prickly grass over Adam's grave. I'd host little conversations in my mind and imagine what he would say if I had the power to hear his responses. Then I would close my eyes for an early evening nap. Totally at peace. Totally content.

Sometimes, after waking, I would take a stroll to visit the new neighbors. I would sigh over the babies who only lived a few short days or hours. I would rejoice for the elderly couple reunited in the next life. I would go searching for the oldest marker on the grounds.

Several of the graves date back to more than 100 years with the lettering nearly washed away by time. A few immortalize works of art as well as the deceased. Some tote symbols from forgotten eras.

Right in the middle of the cemetery stands a large monolith pointing to the eternities. On it are inscribed the names of our county's solders who fought wars long past. Proudly, it reminds visitors of those who secured liberty during trying times. Each name inscribed on the memorial is the name of a hero; a soldier.

Let us support the soldiers of today who will, hopefully, become the veterans of tomorrow. It is so easy to go about life and forget the men and women who build the training, education, commitment, courage, and valor that is required to be a soldier. It is very difficult on a physical level, but also in spirit, and can break a person lacking firm commitment. 

There is no telling whether the world will ever be at peace. Until the quota has been met of beauty queens who give up birthday wishes to fulfill that lofty aspiration, worthy people will be asked to take up arms in its pursuit.

What a paradox it is that in order to establish peace, the only plan we have is to fight it out. It's the same plan man-kind has been using since who knows when. Why hasn't it worked yet?

So, please dedicate a little prayer in your heart, mind, or aloud to the soldiers of the world. Those who fight for the right to live tomorrow. Those who fight for your right to live tomorrow.

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