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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fudgy Bon Bon Time Travel

I am tired.

I get really loopy when I'm tired.

When I was a freshman in college I pulled my first all-nighter to write an English paper researching the world-wide reach of the Cinderella story -- it's found in most cultures of the world which leads me to surmise that the story is a.) ancient and b.) based in reality -- but that's a story for another time.

Today I am loopy as a leprechaun at Disneyland who has just discovered fudgy bon bons.

This is bad.

Anyway, back to freshman me.

I'd never really stayed up all night long and BYU doesn't offer caffeinated beverages. Not that caffeine has ever given me a boost of energy, I usually feel no effects from it whatsoever. So, anyway, I'm pretty sure I would have been gravely injured or killed several times that day if it weren't for my friends pulling me out of road and oncoming traffic a few times, suggesting we take the elevator instead of the stairs, and making sure I was ok after walking into doors. I think I may have completely lost the ability to transverse doors that day. It was bad. Especially with the glass doors.

Doors into the the future!

Doesn't every door lead into the future? It only takes a moment and then all of a sudden, you have passed through a door and the second hand of the clock has ticked forward to another place.

Well, tonight, despite my loopiness, we all get to experience some real time travel! Unless you live in Arizona. A whole hour will be rewound and played over for us in our sleep! Isn't that just amazing! The sun will rise a little differently in the morning. We will wake a little more refreshed. We will have one more hour worth of dreams. There might even be time for pancakes in the morning! That almost never happens!

I love time travelling!

And fudgy bon bons. Mmmmmm.

Happy Daylight Savings!

The Holidays have officially commenced!!

. . .

Check this out! Here's where I got the first picture. It's just too cute to not reference and give credit where credit is due: http://www.southnfrance.com/faq_bon_bons

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  1. I did 36 hours once... (when I was about 13 or so) I was honestly pretty much high by the end. I couldn't speak in coherent sentences, I was giggling over everything, and just totally out of it.