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Friday, November 12, 2010


1.) I bought yellow flowers the other day for $5. I think they must be the most lovely Fall flowers I've ever seen. Especially in a small cobalt blue vase.
2.) My hands swell up when I touch dust. Then then turn red and itchy when I try to wash the dust off, becoming angry in warm soapy water. My anterior appendages have been quite unhappy this week. Lots of dust and lots of washing up.
3.) It's amazing what a person can accumulate over an extended period of time. For instance: how many rolls of scotch tape are necessary for one household?
4.) I love listening to movie scores. Probably because most of them are strings heavy. :-)
5.) I'd like to take music lessons to improve my voice.
6.) One of the best parts of cold weather is watching your breath curl and dance on the chilled air.
7.) There is a great sense of achievement after having completed a trying task.
8.) I have a sample sized Wee Bru from when I was in Edinburgh this Spring. It has not been in two countries and has yet to be opened and tasted. There's no telling when or if it will be sampled.
9.) I can't remember the last time I dusted my room. That needs to change.
10.) Creme brulee is really easy to make. Come over and I just may make some for you! :-)

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