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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Blizzard of Activity

Today was busy. The good kind of busy.

Driving through the snow from one activity to another, I got to participate in many things that make me happy. 

Our ward choir's Christmas program is coming along nicely. It's the most beautiful program I've participated in for years. I'm really excited to hammer out the bits and pieces and perform in a few weeks. The altos actually have good parts! I love when that happens.

We got to feed and entertain a group of family friends who are as near and dear to us as blood relatives. A feast of Autumn harvest goodies was enjoyed on our fancy dining room set -- picnic tables set in our new dining room. It was a lot of fun, actually. A nod to Victorian era dinner parties, "...we dine with four-and-twenty families." Next time I'll make seating arrangements to be sure that the group is mixed up and no spouses are sitting next to one another.

I had to dash from dinner early for a YSA meeting that found out I had missed. However, things just sort of worked out anyway.

None of the people I invited to this evening's activity showed up. Probably because it was snowing like mad outside and quite chilly. I don't blame them for staying wrapped up in the bosom of their families.

But, the people who did show up ended up being just the people I needed to talk to. I was able to get a lot off my chest that needed to be told to someone, good and bad. I was encouraged and uplifted in just the way I needed.

The group ended up consisting of two ward representative couples and myself. We went over my list of activities that I'd like to see happen with our stake YSA. We also discussed the current dating trends and why young people don't really date anymore. My ego was stoked when my personal dating history was divulged and all four members of my audience were appropriately taken aback by my lack of opportunity because, by all means, I seem to be a catch.

I left feeling like a 1+.

The snow was heavy and my car slipped a little on our temporary gravel drive but my heart was warm and my spirits high. I have a lot of work ahead of me for the next few months, but I'm excited and willing to take it all on.

This is going to be fun.

Come on, world. Bring me your tomorrows!

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