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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seven Miracles in One Day

1.) The clouds have parted and the fogs of depressed thought have lifted. For now, at least.

2.) I was able to drive safely despite car trouble.

3.) My migraine finally subsided.

4.) My butternut squash soup turned out great. A little spicy; just the way I like it!

5.) We put the first of our possessions in the new house: two cast iron pans and a wok. Can you guess which room will be outfitted first?

6.) I found a favorite earring I thought had been lost forever. The rejoicing was great!

7.) I understood, a little more, what it means to endure.

There are so many days that I forget just how amazing it is to be alive. The simple fact that a zygote was created, implanted, thrived, grew and became a person is a miracle. The fact that any number of childhood diseases, accidents, or potentially disastrous choices didn't take your life early on is a miracle. The simple fact that we are each so unique and yet so similar is a miracle.

The sad reality is that I often overlook and simplify these miracles into mere serendipity. I rarely take the time to examine just how wonderful it is to enjoy a moment of solitude or respite.

I devalue myself and limit my ability to see the world as God sees it: full of potential, beauty, and miracles.

What a miracle it would be if we could always see with the eyes of a grateful heart.

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