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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Lists

Things I've been thinking about today:

1.) If you are skyping with two different groups of people on two different computers and face those two computers toward one another, the two parties can skype one another too.

2.) I make a mean turkey gravy. Mmmm.

3.) Creme brulee is a cinch. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

4.) 4am is the armpit of the day: it's damp and it smells. Radio Shack is opening its doors at 5:30 and guess who has to be there to help bag people's treasures? I really, really don't want to get up that early particularly because I will not be paid to do so. Ah well, duty calls. Wanna take bets on how quickly I can get out of there? I'm hoping to leave by 7.

5.) The sound of snow crunching under foot is like joy trapped under a boot that is released with every step. I happen to love sound of joy escaping heavy boots.

6.) I played my violin tonight for the first time in a while and although my fingers were really cold and stiff, it somehow sounded pretty good. Huh.

7.) Looking forward to turkey turnovers. Definitely a favorite holiday food. Mmmmm.

8.) I sang Christmas songs today. I am not ashamed.

9.) My mom and I made Thanksgiving dinner, as we generally do on Thanksgiving, and not once did either of us consult a recipe. I've even memorized the recipes for creme brulee and cranberry sauce.

10.) We saw a big red fox/wolf/coyote (not sure which) in our neighbor's field. All I could think of was the score to Peter and the Wolf.

Thanks: things for which I am grateful

1.) Being warm is a taken for granted far too often. Especially by me.

2.) Naps

3.) Good people do exist in the world. I'm related to a bunch of them and I am friends with a bunch more.

4.) Prayers

5.) Motorized transportation. I can't even imagine relying on either my feet or an animal to get me where I want to go -- I zip around too much to be so limited.

6.) Good food. Just having food at all is a blessing, but going beyond nourishment and really enjoying everything consumed in a day is a wonderful blessing that many people all over the world miss out on. What a shame.

7.) Modern technology and health care. Two thousand years ago if someone broke their leg it was very likely that they could either die from it or become lame for the rest of their lives. Depression, cancer, and diabetes have existed, essentially, forever. What did people do about them even just 200 years ago?

8.) Limitations. Because they teach me about my freedoms.

9.) The internet. So much information, all available to satisfy any whim or fancy.

10.) A job. I start in 11 days.

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