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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Day in the Life of ZAM: a list

1. I got to test drive two cars tonight. I am now a fan of test driving. And Ford Fusions.

2. Heat feels sooo good on knarly muscles. Can't wait to get a 60 minute massage for only $30!

3. I'm pretty sure that my hair has enough volume to fro it out with the help of a little texturizing product because it's too smooth to stand up on it's own.

4. My 16 year old brother is so deprived that he's never had top sheets and he's never been tucked in at night. That all changed tonight!

5. Midweek weekends are fun! I have to work on Saturday which means I don't have to work on Wednesday. Nice one, job!

6. My little sister calls armpit hairs "arm pets." I think I love her.

7. Everyone at work thinks I'm sweet and innocent. I really can't contest that. No matter how much I want to stand up for my urban worldliness, I come home to Erda every day. That speaks for itself.

8. I'm pretty sure that I have enough earrings to wear one pair a day for a month and never repeat. Love it!

9. Lady Luck and I are having a little fling. Let's hope she's not as fickle as I fear.

10. Someday is too far away, I'm living my life today.

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