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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Ode to the PB&J

O bread whose very crust is softer than birthday cake Thy surface be covered in butter mashed from the nut
Thy other surface be covered with jelly divine
When placed together, never shall thy two halves separate
No song of longing or love can capture my desire
No kiss can satisfy like the taste of thee on my lips
Without thy presence I am destitute
I shall keep thee in my cupboard
And visit with thee day and night
For without thee I lack sustenance
I cannot live without the PB&J

I haven't had a PB&J in such a long time, I'm thinking that's what's for breakfast tomorrow. Mmmmmm. Tonight I made a spicy butternut squash soup and the best tomato basil soup I've ever tasted. Also mmmmmm. I love being able to cook well enough to satisfy my own taste buds. Hopefully other people enjoy my cooking as well.

If you've never sampled my cooking, please let me know when you will next be down in Erda so I can invite you over for some creme brulee.

Or maybe just a PB&J.

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