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Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Our Lovely Deseret – BYU Version

 I wrote this little parody as a freshman living in Desert Towers -- DT -- at BYU. All of my friends would hang out after our carefully planned and executed themed group dates until the RAs kicked the boys out as the dorm was locked up for the night. As the months turned chilly, we got smart and had electric kettles boiling water for hot chocolate before midnight so we could all enjoy a warm drink when we were saying our long good byes outside. It became a bit of a tradition.

One night during finals week, I was avoiding my studies by skimming through our picture ward directory. Next thing you know I was making a list and connecting the dots. More than half our ward were dating each other! 

Thus a parody was born! 

I managed to get a few friends to sing it with me at a ward prayer including guitar accompaniment. News of spread through the ranks of stake bishops and many copies were requested. There were even rumors of people wanting to perform the song for a stake function the following year. Nothing came to fruition, but it is sort of thrilling to remember how popular my little ditty became for a very brief moment.

Oh, the cleverness of me!   


(The pictures were ones I drew in Microsoft Paint during freshman year to illustrate a poem about asking girls to free stake dances.)

In our lovely Deseret
Where our ward was formed and met
There’s a multitude of dating all around
Young men are handsome and brave
Part their hair and always shave
They must listen and obey the Bishop’s sound:

Hark! Hark! Hark! The Bishop tells us,
Go on dates this Friday night
But be careful to be sure
For your missions please stay pure
While you date, you will prepare to preach the light

Men should not forget to pay
Open doors without delay
And their eyes to train and lusty passions bind
They should always be polite
And treat every lady right
And in every place be affable and kind


Some advice for all you girls
Trying on the lace and pearls
Ladies do your part to keep the young men pure
Pay attention to your dress
Wearing more and never less
Search for men who know the Lord and will endure

At Brigham Young University
Dates don’t have to have a fee
Free stake dances and board games will do alright
Drink some cocoa to keep warm
While you’re locked outside your dorm
Give a handshake or a hug to close the night


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