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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silver Linings

Yesterday was a real stinker of a day.

It started out with a whole lot of positive potential but ended up in a crumbled mess of destruction before the sun went down.

Fortunately, there were silver linings to that big storm cloud of woe. Silver linings so bright that I am blinded by their memory only a few hours later.

A gentle word from a coworker. A phone call from a friend. A welcoming gesture. A milkshake from a favorite '50's Mom and Pop dive.

It's good to feel comforted by such simple things. There was a time when nothing would have consoled me after a day like yesterday. I would have held on to the negative feelings, feeding my hurt pride for weeks on the dark memories until nothing remained but emptiness.

Here's to the simple things in life that mean so much.

Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss

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